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Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Haggle your Way to a Great Deal

Hello there! A slight change to the promised ISA's Explained post, don't worry, this will come tomorrow or the day after, just doing some last minute tweaks, Anyway....

Pretty good day today, basically my contract phone with three ran out last month, and to be honest I haven't enjoyed my experience with them at all, in fact it's been one of my worst, so I decided to give them a call to cancel my contract, they did the usual 'we have some great offers', and I did my usual stubborn 'I don't wanna know!' act. After a while they offered me a great deal (even though I wasn't going to admit that!), 500 minutes and 1000 texts, usually £35, mine for £27.50. Anyway, after a few minutes I got them down to £25, and then hey presto! A brand spanking new Sony Ericsson's k610i, a great contract, 6 months free insurance, next day delivery, all for £20 a month, I think this is a very good deal, and just goes to show what you can do by acting like a bit of an arse and being really grumpy on the phone.

So this has taught me a lesson....challenge people, and they will move just to keep your custom!

I will get going and create a guide for haggling yourself a great deal on almost anything!


Henry said...

That is so true! I once haggled my way out of a 300 dollar bill over here in Canada. I dont really like the word haggle because I dont belive in cheating the system because it makes it worse for everyone else but when you made a mistake or wernt aware of the costs exactly then you should fight for you money. Students cant afford to get ripped off. If you get a bill and its higher then you expected ALWAYS call and find out because you never know what the reason is and it might be a mistake.

J Swoboda said...

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