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Monday, 16 April 2007

Earn extra cash at University

Every student dreams of having more cash at their disposal, unless they’ve saved up a hell of a lot or have very generous parents. In this article I have come up with some ideas on how the average student can make some extra cash whilst at university, all with none or very little investment costs.

Books, Books, Books
What do students have plenty of? What does every student need? Books of course! Some courses require their students to have a huge pile of books, such as law, some require less, but one thing is certain, every student needs study books. So why not sell your old books to your fellow students, especially is you’re in your second or third year and don’t require the books anymore, Amazon marketplace is also a great resource to sell your unwanted books. You could even try selling your old notes; I don’t really know what the university’s ethical policy would be on that subject though.

If you feel you’re a little bit of a wiz kid at a particular subject or even module, and feel you can pass on your knowledge to help other people, you could become a personal tutor to someone who might be struggling at a particular aspect of his/her subject. You could advertise yourself with posters or leaflets with descriptions of your services and your contact details around the campus. Then you need to decide how much to charge and weather you will be charging per session or per hour.

Leaflet Distribution
A lot of students get into this type of work a few hours a week. You could get a job delivering leaflets around campus or the city/town. In large towns and cities, businesses and night clubs are always looking for promotion to get them one step ahead of the competition, one way they do this is to hire people to distribute leaflets to the general public

One of the easiest methods and most popular with students, sell your old stuff or buy things in bulk or cheap and sell them on at eBay! Sound simple ei? Well it could be but only if you do it right. Over the next couple of days I will be writing a couple of articles on making extra money by selling on eBay, and hopefully teaching you how to do it right and maximise your profits, so stay tuned in the future for them coming very very soon!

A great way to financing your way through university, already mentioned this though so take a look at the last post I did for a guide on finding a part-time job whilst at university.

There are many more ways out there, if you just think positive and go about it the right way, you should have no problems, many more articles on this matter coming soon.

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