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Saturday, 21 April 2007

A roadpath to eBay Success - Part 2

Welcome to the second part in these series of articles on selling your items on eBay the right way!
Today we will be dealing with product sourcing, this is where most people fail because of a budget, can't find items cheap enough due to the prices on eBay being so low or literally can't find anyone who will deal with them because they are new!

For product sourcing you need to plan ahead, make a little spreadsheet if you will. You should already know what you want to sell, so now you need to work out the quantities you need to start up. Then you need to work out what's the highest unit price you can afford, this is decided by how much profit margin you will need to make and also the price of these items selling from your future competitors, as well as this you will need to stick to your overall budget.

Sourcing Products
This part all depends on how big you want to turn this project into. If you just need some casual extra cash, there are plenty of ways you can get your hands on all kinds of second-hand products at cheap prices which will sell on eBay. The way I started making a bit of money on eBay was visiting car boot sales on a cold wet Sunday morning in the middle of a field! You'd be surprised what some people will sell. You can find anything at a car boot sale, often for a very cheap price, just remember one thing.....always haggle the price down, these people are there to get rid of their unwanted stuff, so their much more likely to accept a lower price just to get rid of them. Other ways would be a local newspaper, garage sales, classified ads websites and papers, friends, there are plenty of places! You could even search eBay for people who are selling items in bulk, then you could split the items into individual lots and resell them on eBay for a healthy profit!

If you plan to get a little more serious with your selling, the best route would be to go wholesale, check out your local paper or the yellow pages for wholesalers advertising their services. You could even check out the Internet, there are thousands out there. It won't be easy getting started, you will need to negotiate a quantity and a price with them, but because you are new, don't expect any huge discounts because it ain't gonna happen! Just be confident, polite and pitch to them your idea correctly and you'll be laughing.

There are plenty of ways to get your hands on products to sell on eBay, just remember to stick to your budget or you'll end up in deep doo daa's, good luck.

Next up is part three, where we will be giving you some ideas and advice on listing your products on eBay the correct way so stay in touch

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Bob L said...


I have been selling on ebay for several years now and got my start with second hand merchandise and it's a great way to get started.

I do wholesale now, but also deal in used books.

My favorite tactic for finding high value resale items is the arbitrage method that exploits the
price differences between ebay and amazon.If you know your category well, and do your research about current price points, you can do succeed on a shoestring budget.

I have several articles about selling on ebay at my Blog.please stop by and have a look around.

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